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2014. What a year!

Gosh, this year seems to have flown past. There were parts of this year where I thought I’d never get through it all but, as I sit here scoffing Christmas cupcakes at my desk, I can honestly admit that its been a pretty good year. It started with a...


Back into the swing of things?

Well, blogosphere, consider this my formal apology for abandoning you for the last six months. I’d like to say it wasn’t my fault and the dog ate my homework, but lets face the cold brutal truth: It’s my fault. I’ve been a slack, lazy little thing, neglecting to even...


2011 – The year that FLEW!

How about that, eh?  It’s the end of 2011 already.  Just when I started to feel ready to tackle the year, it goes and ends.  Typical!  It was a year filled with very busy days, feeling like I couldn’t quite get on top of everything.  Despite feeling rushed and...