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TROOP REPORT:  Bushfire Appeal – Poolrite Equipment 7

TROOP REPORT: Bushfire Appeal – Poolrite Equipment

Date: Friday, 13th February, 2009 Venue: Poolrite Equipment, Queensland. Time: 0900 – 1500 Mission: Collect Donations for the Victorian Bushfire Appeal, Seek Out Rebels and enforce Imperial Order. Detail: The element of surprise was essential for this troop. I snuck into the building via the side entrance, while some...

2008 – A Year in Review 0

2008 – A Year in Review

Well, I’m slightly relieved that I survived 2008. It was a year filled with huge highs, and mega lows. In fact, in the space of 12 months I have completely changed my whole aspect on life. I guess that could be considered a great achievement, but it has come...

Great day 2

Great day

Today is an amazing day. After months and months and MONTHS of hard slog, my project got approved. It got APPROVED!!! *airplanes around the room with her shirt over her head* I feel like I just hit a home-run, swam the English Channel, and kicked the match winning goal...

Boardroom Bitchface. 2

Boardroom Bitchface.

Some people laugh at me when I tell them I’m a bitch. I dont understand this reaction at all. I’m not telling a joke, I’m simply sharing an aspect of my personality. Sure, my Inner Bitch spends 95% of the time sitting in the shadows of my personality just...

My rack. 0

My rack.

As heard in the office today. “Hey Jac, Stan really appreciates your rack.” “I must admit, it really is a great rack – even if I do say so myself.” “You do know we’re talking about the rack in the Server Room, right?” “Really? Of course I did….”

Blow me down with a feather! 1

Blow me down with a feather!

Some of you may know about my issues that I have at work. Some of you may recall a particular issue involving a personality clash that has been ongoing for well over a year. This was the personality clash that drove me to the point of NEEDING A DONUT...