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My ultimate travel packlist.

I know that I cant go travelling any time soon, so I’m just going to keep myself contented with compiling the worlds greatest travel kit – as if I was going to travel around the world for six months.  (One can dream) Clothes: Tops (8 total): 1 x singlet...


Go Surfing in Bali.

I recommend it. I recommend going to Bali with no preconceived notions about what it’s going to be like.  Bali was never really on my radar of places I wanted to visit before I die.  To be honest, I had a preconceived idea that Bali was all about sterile...

Headcase 0


In my professional medical opinion, I am a headcase. This last week, my emotions have ranged from homicidal, to jubilant, to determined, and back to fragile all in a matter of moments.  Dont blink, because you might miss another personality change.  I’ve been working off yonder once more, and...

Bagus Bali. 0

Bagus Bali.

      I needed that break.  More information to come, as I finally come back to reality.  


Bletchley Park

If there was ever any doubt that I am a hardcore nerd…Today, I went to a place that I’ve often daydreamed about going to. I’ve read so much about “ULTRA” and the Enigma Code-breakers, so going to Bletchley Park – the origin of modern computing – was like a...

Normandy 0


The beaches around Normandy – Omaha Beach, Juno Beach and Utah Beach. Visited the Canadian, US and German cemetaries with Heidigirl – very different places, but all very powerful.Also… the food was amazing.