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Tim Ferriss and PR Bandwagons

I’ve been a long subscriber to Tim Ferriss’s blog, and I actually own a copy of his book – I often pick it up and read it then get inspired and do something totally off-the-wall. Last time I picked it up, I ended up dressing up as a Stormtrooper...

MS Moonwalk 0

MS Moonwalk

Tonight is the MS Moonwalk, around the sights of Brisbane City. I’m going to be wandering along with the team from the Brisbane Redbacks, so keep your eyes peeled for characters from Star Wars… (PS: there’s a bounty on Wookies… )

What would YOU do? 0

What would YOU do?

So, what would you do for charity? What would you do to help kids in need? In fact, what lengths would you go to in order to put a smile on a sick childs face? Would you dress up like a Stormtrooper (ala Starwars)? I think I would.