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Five to Nil

Even though I didn’t realise it, I’ve been holding my breath for the past week. See, I’ve had 12 stitches in my back for the past 6 days while I waited to hear back from Pathology.  Normally, I’d be focusing on that, and treating myself a bit carefully –...

Squarmy.  What a stupid name. 0

Squarmy. What a stupid name.

I remember the first time I was told I had skin cancer.  I was walking around the back of the warehouse, at my old job – trying to get a bit of privacy.  I was in the old dusty area, by the staff change rooms, tracing the faded paint...

Resuming transmission 1

Resuming transmission

A little while ago, I noticed a bit of a scaley piece of skin on my face. No amount of dermalogica exfoliant was going to clear it up. It showed up one night, and decided to stick around. Then, it started to become a bit of a scabby looking...