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Belgium. Messines, Ypres, and Westouter.

Around Begium (Ypres).Commonwealth Cemetaries, French Cemetaries, Peace Memorials, WW1Plane Flyovers and ANZAC’s buried together. Big day. Ended with some Belgian beer in a local pub, with a smiling barkeeper. It seems everybody loves an Aussie!They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old; Age shall not...

Brugges – I think I’m in Love! 0

Brugges – I think I’m in Love!

  Bruges is lovely!  They brew good beer, they make great chocolate, and they specialise in “belgian fries”.  (not FRENCH fries…). It truly is my kind of paradise! Although, If i stayed here much longer, I’d be the size of a house.  I spent a lot of the day...