Squashed Frog?

Who am I?

Isn’t that the question that we all ask ourselves every once in a while? Well, I’ve done that asking and I’ve got a few insights that I can share with you.

I am a girl
I am an optimist
I am an engineer
I am a geek
I am clumsy
I am an avid fan of Game of Thrones
I am addicted to chocolate
I am a bit messy
I am always learning
I am ambitious
I am afraid of snakes
I am capable of renovating a house
I am a little bit bossy
I am against animal cruelty
I am a stormtrooper
I am independant
I am a gym junkie
I am not going to fix your computer
I am my own worst critic
I am growing old, but not growing up.
I am excited by challenge
I am prone to skin cancers
I am stubborn
I am in love with laughter
I am myself, and enjoying every minute.