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Hair Beware 0

Hair Beware

I’ve started making some long term decisions in my life (FINALLY! I hear you all saying!) and I’m taking steps to steer my path in the direction that I’ve chosen.  I’ve spent some time analysing my existence and have started sorting it out into things that make me happy,...


My ultimate travel packlist.

I know that I cant go travelling any time soon, so I’m just going to keep myself contented with compiling the worlds greatest travel kit – as if I was going to travel around the world for six months.  (One can dream) Clothes: Tops (8 total): 1 x singlet...



Somebody once walked out of my life, with the parting words: “You’ll never be able to do it all on your own.” I was pretty devastated at the time, so it felt like a cold knife being plunged into my heart.  It was a pretty horrid thing to say...


501st, my crazy nerdy family

Most families have a least one Awkward Strange Uncle. The 501st is a family made up entirely of Awkward Strange Uncles – and I love every one of you!

On Wanderlust, and Destination ADD 0

On Wanderlust, and Destination ADD

I need to get away.  I need to escape, to flee my average boring life for a while, and stretch my soul like I’d stretch my shoulders after a heavy workout.  I need to stay in touch with that inner-child who’s filled with wonder at seeing new places, and...