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Haiku 2


Haikus are easy But sometimes they don’t make sense Refrigerator

The Killing Dance 0

The Killing Dance

The first hit man came after me at home, which should be against the rules. Then there was a second, and a third. Word on the street was that Anita Blake, preternatural expert and vampire killer extraordinaire, was worth half a million dollars. Dead, not alive. So what’s a...

Bloody Bones 0

Bloody Bones

First, there were the dead in the graveyard, two hundred years dead. I’d been hired to raise them to settle a dispute over who owned the land they were buried in. Then there were the three dead teenagers in the woods, slaughtered in a way I’d never seen before....

Gunna be a badass 0

Gunna be a badass

Went in to surgery today to get rid of the freeloading cancer. Still a little groggy and numb from the whole affair – but just a quick message to all those on the inca-net to let you all know that I’m all ok. Doctor was great, I’m pleased that...

The Lunatic Cafe 0

The Lunatic Cafe

You don’t volunteer for slugfests with vampires. It shortens your life expectancy. And you don’t fall in love with a werewolf. It interferes with your work. Especially when you’re a preternatural expert, like me. My business brings me up close and personal with all shapes and sizes of monsters....

I love my job – Jasjam vs Treo750 0

I love my job – Jasjam vs Treo750

As part of my job as IT Manager, I get to play with some cool toys. Like many companies, we have several road-warriors in our company that rarely see their desk from day to day. These cowboys are rarely tech-savvy, so that’s where I need to step in and...