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2013 – Crikey

Well, well, well! How about that, eh? It’s the end of 2013 already. It feels like I just warmed the new year with the family down in Melbourne while sitting around a bonfire playing random international instruments in an enthusiastically drunken manner. It was freezing cold, so we were...

Chernobyl – 18 years on. 2

Chernobyl – 18 years on.

I found this link via Slashdot, so I hope Angelfire doesn’t buckle under the strain and become yet another statistic of the slashdot bohemouth. Motorcycling through Chernobyl Anyway, I’ll give you a run down just in case the site has gone belly up: Russian chicky, loves riding her 1100cc...

Crap Haiku 0

Crap Haiku

I dont have the capacity to fully relate my last few days, so I’ll try and descripe my time with Haiku. Friday: Code! Run! Stop! Fix! Ring! Entirely exhausted. Ending with bulk beer. Saturday: Pounding head, much pain. Hangover festers inside. Cold body recovers. Sunday: Sunlight and kindness, Warm...

Music Inspired Musings 0

Music Inspired Musings

More writing. I really need to find a hobby. This piece a little bit based on reality, but mostly based on the fact that I was listening to some weird music while I was writing. Dont blame me. Blame Gershwin, or Janis Joplin. I dont think its finished, but...

Singing the Blues 3

Singing the Blues

Spent the past weekend in Wales with my surrogate family. It was good to go home, despite the vast quantites of vegetables that I had to eat. Saturday I was in a bit of a funk, trying to sort out a lot of things and get myself back on...

Quick Entry 0

Quick Entry

I wasn’t really sure where I was going. I was on a bus. One of those big monstrous red things, with two floors, three doors, and a walk-in robe. I watched silently as the city streets zoomed past me, watchful and ancient.