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How do you think I’m doing this? 0

How do you think I’m doing this?

Ok, so most of the world knows I'm a bit of a geek.  The small fact that I posses a degree in Control Systems Engineering merely confirms the theory. When it comes time for me to travel the world, I need the ultimate in nerdy gadgets.  I have an...

Relay for Life – 2009 0

Relay for Life – 2009

Date: 22nd August, 2009 Venue: Mt Gravatt Showgrounds Time: 1500, then for another 20 hours… Mission: To participate the Cancer Council's "Relay 4 Life". To raise funds for supporting cancer victims and cancer research. To be the best damned team on the field. Trooper Attendance:Oz_Scout, Moxxxie, NeoEffect, Trinity, Explosion Ed, Hawkeye, Commander Gree...

Jamie at the Beach 1

Jamie at the Beach

As dogs go, mine is particularly placid. Frog Dog puts up with all of my wacky plans without complaint.  In fact, the only complaint I ever hear is a mournful howl whenever his food is momentarily delayed.  He even sits perfectly still while I attack him with the clippers…...

I survived Pronto ’09 0

I survived Pronto ’09

Yesterday, I launched the biggest project of my career to date. I launched a new ERP for 9 unique companies on Pronto Xi ERP.  When I first started here, almost 3 years ago, I understood that the old ERP was clunky and extracting data from it was damn near...

Best Quote of 2009 1

Best Quote of 2009

Got to admire the man for being honest.     POLKCOUNTYFLORIDA SHERIFF GRADY JUDD Some ‘dirtbag’ in Polk County Florida who got pulled over in a routine traffic stop ended up executing the deputy who stopped him.  The deputy was shot eight times, including once behind his right ear...

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501st hits Toy Sale. Funds raised for Starlight Foundation! Posted via email