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My sweetheart 0

My sweetheart

Dear World, The past twelve months seem to have flown by, partially due to the fact that I’ve been living in bliss due to the wonderful man in my life. Beloved. I know its sickening, but just deal with it, ok? I know it must be painful to witness,...

I quit 0

I quit

This letter is to formally announce my resignation from full time employment, starting today. My last day will be Friday, 16th July. I know this may come as a bit of a shock, but please let me know what I can do to make this transition as easy as...

Mini Me 0

Mini Me

I’m a sucker for online image generation. I just love creating little avatars of myself, in various different places and poses. Here’s a quick selection for you:

Turning Point 0

Turning Point

There are a few things that always set my mind to wondering. Lately, I’ve been mesmerised by the question: How would the world be different, if Florida had NOT voted for President Bush? What effect did those botched ballot cards actually have on world history? It seems, from that...

Swimming Scandals. 0

Swimming Scandals.

I think it was very sportsmanlike of Stevens to offer up his position in the 400m freestyle event to Thorpe. I’m in the UK, so the Australian Media doesn’t really reach this far over the globe, and thus, doesn’t really affect my own personal opinion of the matter. I’ve...

Ratties 0


I know my mum would be horrified if she knew what was swirling in the mirky depths of my head. I’m overwhelmed by the cuteness of pet rats! Ratties, with their tiny little paws and their expressive little faces! I just want to pick them up and snuggle them...