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Hermione Granger is older than me! 1

Hermione Granger is older than me!

Well I never. I have always considered myself on the older site of the Harry Potter fandom, but bugger me down – it looks like I’m YOUNGER than Hermione Granger!! as per this article: For years it was widely assumed that she was born in September 1980, the same...

Running on a Treadmill 0

Running on a Treadmill

I am at the stage now, where I’m in the Chronic Denial stage of my Gym Membership. I so totally go to the gym regularly and it’s so totally worth my $70/month because like, I’m so totally uber fit and active and hell and I have abs of steel...

Hmmm… Silence 0

Hmmm… Silence

So… I’m breaking my long held silence with a post about absolutly nothing. I’m going to dedicate this post to my near-terminal case of writers block, with a special call out to all of those really unblogworthy days that have just kinda drifted by. They drifted by with no...

Clarification 0


Just to clarify the prevoius post – No, I’m not going to start reproducing any time soon. That’s a little disaster I plan to have when the world is least expecting it. No frog-spawn. I mean, how can I possibly have children when they’re going to be referred to...

Frogger 0


FrogDog goes in to get his yearly vaccination tonight. I know damn well that Mr Frog and I are going to get the ‘puppy eyes’ and the whole ‘why dont you love me anymore?‘ face all night. We’ll feel like horrible nasty people, and feed him too many treats...

Cold. 0


Frost nips at Jacks nose All the workers wear mittens Grey is the day sky