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2017 seems to have gone past faster than 2016. Each year seems to be gathering speed, until I’m sure I’ll be living in a blur of a Christmas-Easter-Birthday-Christmas cycle. With that said, 2017 has had some fairly significant events and milestones. There’s a lot of memories that I can...



As I get older, it seems time gets faster and faster.  This time last year, I was lamenting that 2015 had flown past.  Comparatively, 2016 has also vanished with pace.  At the start of 2016, I was joined by a bunch of close friends sitting on my back deck...

2015. 0


Although 2015 seems to have flown past, it seems like half a lifetime ago when I was sitting down to write my year in review. On the whole, I believe 2015 has fared quite well. I’m ever the optimist, however, as 2015 has also seem some challenges and unfortunate...


Going Public

Not too many people from my “real life” know this blog exists. There’s perhaps a handful of trusted family and friends that I’ve told about this blog, and I know them well enough to know that they wont read into all the idiocy and rubbish I’ve posted here throughout...



The beginning of this year has been interesting.  I had my very first general anaesthetic, and had my sinuses smashed and reformed.  While this sounds like a load of fun (it doesn’t) in reality it was utterly thrilling (it wasn’t) and very painless (it really wasn’t!).