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2017 seems to have gone past faster than 2016. Each year seems to be gathering speed, until I’m sure I’ll be living in a blur of a Christmas-Easter-Birthday-Christmas cycle. With that said, 2017 has had some fairly significant events and milestones. There’s a lot of memories that I can...

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As I get older, it seems time gets faster and faster.  This time last year, I was lamenting that 2015 had flown past.  Comparatively, 2016 has also vanished with pace.  At the start of 2016, I was joined by a bunch of close friends sitting on my back deck...

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Although 2015 seems to have flown past, it seems like half a lifetime ago when I was sitting down to write my year in review. On the whole, I believe 2015 has fared quite well. I’m ever the optimist, however, as 2015 has also seem some challenges and unfortunate...

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Going Public

Not too many people from my “real life” know this blog exists. There’s perhaps a handful of trusted family and friends that I’ve told about this blog, and I know them well enough to know that they wont read into all the idiocy and rubbish I’ve posted here throughout...

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The beginning of this year has been interesting.  I had my very first general anaesthetic, and had my sinuses smashed and reformed.  While this sounds like a load of fun (it doesn’t) in reality it was utterly thrilling (it wasn’t) and very painless (it really wasn’t!).