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“I can wear bitch-heels or Converse chucks. I’m comfortable on a surf board, or in a board room. I always laugh at myself, and I often cry in a movie. I am never helpless, not even when I have wet nail polish. I am not a “One in a...



There are few things that I regret more than walking almost 2km alone, at night, in the rain to find a taxi rank, while wearing high heels. If nothing else, I have ruined a perfectly good pair of satin shoes by bleeding all over them.


Go Surfing in Bali.

I recommend it. I recommend going to Bali with no preconceived notions about what it’s going to be like.  Bali was never really on my radar of places I wanted to visit before I die.  To be honest, I had a preconceived idea that Bali was all about sterile...

Headcase 0


In my professional medical opinion, I am a headcase. This last week, my emotions have ranged from homicidal, to jubilant, to determined, and back to fragile all in a matter of moments.  Dont blink, because you might miss another personality change.  I’ve been working off yonder once more, and...

Things that shit me. 1

Things that shit me.

I'm currently doing a lot of travel for work. Like, a lot. A whole heap. Most of the time, I really love travelling, but there's one or two things about the nomadic-suitcase life that I just can't tolerate. Like stupid miniature milks. Who the bloody hell thought that 5ml...

Jamie the Lazy. 0

Jamie the Lazy.

As dogs go, our dog isn’t going to be an olympic champian. He’s way too lazy to consider doing anything remotely physical. He’s a quite puppy, all things considered. The noisiest he’s been was when he worked himself up to a bark when the Kiwi’s scored first during the...