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More information to come shortly.  I dont know if I can summarise just how cool this place was, and how special it was to visit with Cyclonejoan.

Kitchen Recipe. 4

Kitchen Recipe.

Ingredients: Handful of mad women. 1 patient bloke. 1 Chinese Flat-pack Kitchen 2 Hammers 1 Drill 1 HUGE DRILL BIT SET (oh baby!) Firstly, it’s essential to find a kitchen that is in dire...

Cyclone Joan is inbound 2

Cyclone Joan is inbound

Cyclone Joan is inbound, with a Tropical Storm classification of 4. Stay tuned for updates. Of all the things that I can say about my mother is – I’m always excited to see her....

Linen – The Joys Of. 2

Linen – The Joys Of.

I think I must be adopted. My mum is the most organised person on the face of the planet. She has a neat, ironed and colour coded stack of folded sheets and face washers....

Taupo 0


Fuck a duck. I just wrote a huge entry about Rotorua, Te Kuiti and Taupo and the fucker lost it on me. Not Happy, Jan. But, in point form: Rotorua was awesome, but our...