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Ouch. 0


So this happened to me today and it fucking hurt. I did stop the goal though, so I guess that’s something.

Headcase 0


In my professional medical opinion, I am a headcase. This last week, my emotions have ranged from homicidal, to jubilant, to determined, and back to fragile all in a matter of moments.  Dont blink,...


My Dad really IS Superman.

Even though some people think I have my shit together, I’m a spaghetti-tangle mess of drama. My father is an incredibly energetic man, always ready with a kind word, humour and enthusiasm for everybody...

Squarmy.  What a stupid name. 0

Squarmy. What a stupid name.

I remember the first time I was told I had skin cancer.  I was walking around the back of the warehouse, at my old job – trying to get a bit of privacy.  I...

Resuming transmission 1

Resuming transmission

A little while ago, I noticed a bit of a scaley piece of skin on my face. No amount of dermalogica exfoliant was going to clear it up. It showed up one night, and...

Damn 0


The last few days have been pretty topsy-turvey. I’m not really one for a set routine, or living my life to a rigid agenda – but things are getting a little out of control!...