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Technique isn’t everything

Just a quick wrap up of today’s very odd game of Cricket! The Emperor’s XI won the toss and elected to bat first.  TK Commander Cobra was the top scorer with 29, and just when it looked like he had his eye “in” I came into bowl and took...


2013 – Crikey

Well, well, well! How about that, eh? It’s the end of 2013 already. It feels like I just warmed the new year with the family down in Melbourne while sitting around a bonfire playing random international instruments in an enthusiastically drunken manner. It was freezing cold, so we were...


5 years, eh?

This month will mark my 5th anniversary of being a member of the 501st Legion.  It all started when I saw an ad for a documentary called “Heart of an Empire”.  My first thoughts were, “Phhht, Dressups! What a geeky thing to do!”  Then, well, then you see, I...


501st, my crazy nerdy family

Most families have a least one Awkward Strange Uncle. The 501st is a family made up entirely of Awkward Strange Uncles – and I love every one of you!


Never apologise for being a nerd.

… because Non-Nerds never apologise for being assholes. I am a Geek, and I make no pretences to be anything other than who I am. I’m a little bit proud of who I am, too.  Proud of my collection of Lord of the Rings statues, proud of my Limited...


Bucket List #3 – Tough Mudder

So, this weekend, I ticked something off my Bucket List.  In fact, I ticked two things. I completed Tough Mudder, on the Sunshine Coast, along with two friends, Draco and Cutter.  Mud Fighting, mandatory.  While we were a small team, we made up for it with pure awesome. As...