Bucket List

  1. Write a book (fiction)
  2. Learn a Language
  3. Complete Tough Mudder competition (complete)
  4. Drink Vodka in Russia
  5. Eat Pizza in Italy
  6. Eat a hotdog in New York
  7. Be part of a Flash Mob
  8. Ride a motorcycle
  9. Love my body for what it is
  10. Have a Mud Fight (complete)
  11. Go Surfing in Bali (complete)
  12. Swim with Dolphins (completed April 2018)
  13. Ride a Hot Air Baloon
  14. Go to Ireland
  15. Unplug for a whole week (complete)
  16. Go Skydiving
  17. Dress up like a Stormtrooper (completed)
  18. Hold a snake
  19. Take a tourist pic of the Tower of Pisa
  20. Take Singing Lessons
  21. See the Northern Lights
  22. See the Sphinx in Egypt
  23. Visit Pompeii, Naples 
  24. Watch all 5 days of an Ashes Test Match
  25. Go Bungee Jumping
  26. Get a tattoo
  27. Do a nail course
  28. Attend the Olympics
  29. Cross the Equator on foot
  30. Pierce something other than my ears.  (completed)
  31. Walk on the Great Wall of China
  32. See a live volcano
  33. Learn to play the piano
  34. Get SCUBA accreditation  
  35. Raise $20k for charity (completed)
  36. Do 10 random acts of kindness
  37. Go to a TED talk
  38. Have a Pedicure
  39. Own a Fortnum and Mason hamper then have a picnic
  40. Drive a skooter on a tropical island
  41. Be met at the airport with a sign with my name on it  (completed)
  42. Go on an African Safari
  43. Do a cartwheel
  44. See all states and territories of Australia
  45. Karaoke
  46. Have breakfast in bed, then stay there for the whole day
  47. Have a girls weekend away to Bali
  48. Visit Gallipoli
  49. Learn a martial art
  50. Visit all seven continents
    North America
    South America
  51. See Christ the Redeemer in Brazil
  52. See the Colosseum, Italy (completed)
  53. See the Taj Mahal
  54. See the Great Pyramid of Giza
  55. See Petra, Jordan
  56. Treck Machu Picchu, Peru
  57. See the Polar Ice Caps
  58. Treck the Grand Canyon (completed October 2016)
  59. Dive on the Great Barrier Reef
  60. Knit a scarf
  61. Go to Mardi Gra, New Orleans
  62. Have a picnic prepared for me
  63. Have high-tea (complete)
  64. Trek Cinque Terre, Italy
  65. Visit the Somme, France (complete)
  66. Go in a 5k Fun Run completed May 2016
  67. Invent a Cocktail (complete)
  68. Buy a same-day plane ticket to a foreign country
  69. Take a barrista’s course
  70. Make somebody elses dream come true
  71. Go Zorbing
  72. Take a massage course
  73. Smoke weed
  74. Watch the Tour de France
  75. Watch a Baseball game at Yankee Stadium (complete)
  76. Go to Oktoberfest, Munich
  77. Eat a dozen donuts in a single day
  78. Make a Muppet
  79. Go clay pigeon shooting
  80. Eat the worm in the bottle of Tequilla
  81. Experience an Earthquake
  82. Shower in a waterfall
  83. Participate in a zombie walk
  84. Go Busking (and actually get some coins from strangers!)
  85. Go on a Ghost Tour completed Port Arthur October 17
  86. Dye my hair blue
  87. Go on holiday with Dad and Step-Mum
  88. Drive a Convertible Car
  89. Go to Disneyland
  90. Live in a foreign country (complete)
  91. Build a 1:1 scale R2-D2 droid
  92. Play Paintball (Skirmish) completed April 2016
  93. Visit Chernobyl
  94. Experience Childbirth
  95. Run a webserver
  96. Go to Wimbledon
  97. See the Rosetta Stone
  98. Go rock climbing
  99. See Richmond win the Grand Final  2017
  100. Forgive