Technique isn’t everything


Just a quick wrap up of today’s very odd game of Cricket!


The Emperor’s XI won the toss and elected to bat first.  TK Commander Cobra was the top scorer with 29, and just when it looked like he had his eye “in” I came into bowl and took the scalp!  It wasn’t easy, and as some of you may have deduced from Friday’s visit – bowling in a stormtrooper suit is both incredibly difficult and incredibly stupid!  Yes, I realise that last photo looks like it’s been painted by Picasso.  For the record, it was as uncomfortable as it looks.  I bowled three overs, and ended up with a respectful 1/18

2014-02-24_143131 IMG_0263

The Emperor’s XI made a really handy score of 8/92 after 20 overs.  With such limited visibility and movement, it was going to be a tough ask – until the Death Stars put our opening batsmen on the field – Cutter and Cyclops powered their way to a quick half tonne in short order which set up the innings nicely.  Dredd, our Gammorean Guard came into bat, but with an injured shoulder he had to bat with one arm.  With such limited movement and visibility, it’s a surprise he could hit anything!


  In the end, the Death Stars won with 4 overs to spare!


We raised over $2500+ for the McGrath Foundation, and paved the way for a bigger event next year.

(Because we’re all gluttons for punishment, we’ll all do it again in 2015!)



Thank you once again for your support and encouragement!  It’s an odd hobby, but we do have fun!


TK6232 – 501st Legion




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