Going Public

Not too many people from my “real life” know this blog exists.

There’s perhaps a handful of trusted family and friends that I’ve told about this blog, and I know them well enough to know that they wont read into all the idiocy and rubbish I’ve posted here throughout the years.  I’ve done a lot of growing up since I started this place, over 12 years ago – and I’ve also learnt a great deal about who I am.  Who I was at age 21 is not who I am now, and when re-reading some of those early comments, I’d like to zoom back in a telephone box and violently shake the Past-Jacqui by both shoulders until she takes a breath and reconsiders pressing “publish”.   Quite frankly, I’ve often considered nuking this entire site to start from scratch – but a small voice in my head screams out that these entries will be HILARIOUS to my future self, when I’m slightly delusional with senile dementia and wearing spaghetti as a hat.  So I keep the posts active.

With that said, I came out of the blogging closet recently and showed this site to somebody from my ‘real world’ life.  I started out by explaining the Bucket List, but even that has its elements of mortifying components.   I went on to reassure that person that there is NO WAY that I’ll post anything about them unless I ask permission first.  There is an etiquette to blogging, and I adhere to it like Shoe Goo.

So, now this place is somewhat more public than it was a few days ago.

Please dont judge me.  Or, if you do, at least tell me about it so I can laugh with you.

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  1. Ben says:

    I’ve not gone through my old blog posts (recently) but I can remember some of the things I wrote back in 1997 and I’m glad that geocities died a horrible horrible death. Damn you animated rainbow horizontal line!

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