Bucket List #63 – High Tea

I have some pretty amazing friends.

They’re so amazing that when they spy my crazy little Bucket List they instantly take it upon themselves to assist me in my quest.   In this instance, assistance was in the form of seeking out what may well be the coolest place to have High Tea in Brisbane.

Yi on Edward. yi-on-edward-12_lrg

The funky little cafe itself shuts down entirely, so that it can focus on High Tea – and my, they do it well.  We were greeted with a big smile, and a glass of sensational bubbles (OH HELLS YES!), before being indulged, and spoiled and treated to many gastronomical delights.

It was an afternoon affair – and took us several hours to talk, chat and gossip our way through our three course nomfest.  To have a little Bridesmaid reunion was pretty amazing, actually.  The five of us are so different, yet all so similar.  The chatting was consistently entertaining, and several times I had to focus on not shooting my peppermint tea out of my nose for laughter.  High Tea is high-brow and cultured, which is probably why we were seated in the corner away from most of the other patrons!


I was quizzed over my latest gossip, and we all quizzed Juliegirl over her latest gossip.  It was really everything I’d ever imagined High Tea could be.  A group of fantastic friends, sitting around, sharing great conversation and loads of laughs together while ignoring every eating-plan, diet and calorie advice we’d ever been given.  HAND ME THAT SCONE, WOMAN!

I really do have some great friends.  I must have done something truly incredible in a previous life to deserve these articulate, smart, and brilliant women.


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