Whiskers on Kittens

Cheetah’s are amazing creatures.  They’re not “big cats” because they cannot roar like Tigers or Lions.  What they do well, however, is meow and purr.  A cheetah meowing has to be the most adorable thing I’ve seen in a very long time.  I’ve felt a cheetah purr, and it’s like a small engine pounding away in a resonance chamber.  Amazing, and humbling.

I met William and Josh, cheetah brothers at Australia Zoo on the weekend.  Josh, the more confident of the two, had a “Fuck you, I’m Fabulous” attitude and gave a grand sum total of zero shits about the rest of the world.  He was divine, but also a Diva.  He sat closest to the public, and struck a pose.



William, on the other hand, was the ultimate wing-man.  He was chilled, relaxed, happy to sit in the shade away from the limelite – but always on the watch for what trouble Josh was getting into.  We got to cosy up to William, giving him lovely pats, and admiring his coat.

William and Josh were also pretty chilled, nomming on some wonderful cheetah treats.  The crew had frozen a chunk of Whiskas Kitty Milk, and mixed in cat biscuits, and sardines into a wonderful cheetah popsicle.  To say they were captivated by the fishy mushy mess would be a slight underestimation of the palpable excitement.  I was given the offer of holding the popsicle, but I declined.  There’s no actual fucking way I wanted to get my body between a large predator and something akin to cheetah catnip.

I know what I’m like with my morning coffee – and I dont have 2 inch, razor sharp teeth.

(For the record, Cheetah’s aren’t fluffy, and the black spots are actually softer than the orange fur!)

This wasn’t on my bucket list, but I kinda wish it had’ve been.  They’re amazing creatures, and I’m glad I got to learn more about them!


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