Things that shit me.

I'm currently doing a lot of travel for work. Like, a lot. A whole heap. Most of the time, I really love travelling, but there's one or two things about the nomadic-suitcase life that I just can't tolerate.

Like stupid miniature milks.

Who the bloody hell thought that 5ml of milk was a good size? Who? Thumbelina? Tinkerbell?

I have milk in my coffee, but to even change to colour of the drink, I need to use up half a million of these thimble sized bloody things. I am then left with a clutter of landfill hogging, environmental disaster capsules to dispose of.

Then there is the packaging. When you try and use then in an airplane, the pressurised atmosphere causes these little pricks to turn into small little dairy explosives. I have not yet managed to have my 'white with one' without wearing half of the thimble-sized contents all over my pants. Or over the pants of the guy sitting next to me.

Its enough to make me want to drink black coffee.


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  1. Ben says:

    They make fantastic shot glasses when you forget to bring them on a footy trip to Melbourne. The “milk” residue and Jaeger combine to make a tasty, delicious treat!

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