Moments in time.

Do you ever get moments in your life where everything is just right?  

It could be when I’m driving down to the coast, with the windows open and my favorite song on the radio.  It could be the way the sunlight hits the hinterland, or it could be the nice breeze on my face.   Even singing my heart out in the car, with my dog howling along in the backseat.  Whatever the mixture is, it creates such a profound and powerful sense that I am where I am supposed to be.  I’m not sure if I believe in Destiny, but I believe that these moments of utter freedom and contentedness are a big indication that I’m on the right path.

The moment never lasts long – either ’til the end of the song, or until the sun dips below the horizon – but I am thankful that I’m capable of being swept away so completely in such a perfect moment.

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