Hair Beware

I’ve started making some long term decisions in my life (FINALLY! I hear you all saying!) and I’m taking steps to steer my path in the direction that I’ve chosen.  I’ve spent some time analysing my existence and have started sorting it out into things that make me happy, and things that I do just because I’m expected to.

Do more of what makes you happy.  Like going to gym, going for a run, going for a swim.  I honestly enjoy getting my sweat on, pushing myself, focusing on the physicality, and feeling that lovely after-workout ache.  I still hate box-jumps, squats and lunges – but I know they’re good for me.  I vow to do more of this.

I love spending time on my own, in my own space, sometimes doing nothing at all.  Last night, I had the luxury of sitting at home, with a nice glass of wine and the new Tomb Raider game.  It was frivolous, it was indulgent, it was entirely nerdy – and I loved every second.  I vow to have more space to do my own thing.

An extrapolation of this theory, is to determine what I hate, and do less of that.  Like waxing.



I hate bikini waxing.  It’s painful, vile, and often humiliating for both the waxer and the waxee.  I’ve tried a few different methods of getting rid of unwanted hair, and they all suck.  I don’t like pain.  However, referring to the point I made above, if I want to do more swimming, I need to do more hair topiary.  Which then led me to investigate more permanent methods of hair treatment.

Amputation was a possible solution.  Cant have hairy legs if you don’t have legs, right?  Cant really do squats either.  I accidentally stumbled on a win:win situation!  Huzzah!  It did seem rather extreme, however, even for me.  I finally settled for laser hair removal.  Kinda like using the Death Star to permanently remove all the hair on Alderaan, it uses a very technical sounding wavelength laser to blast hair follicles to smithereens.



So today, I rolled up my sleeves, put my big girl panties on, and marched myself to a laser hair clinic thing, and got shot several times with a remarkably tame looking laser.  There was no maniacal laughter, or Evil Overlords, it was just a lovely lady who drew all over me with pink highlighter before zapping me with something that felt more like being flicked with an elastic band.

Rather underwhelming.  Hopefully, it has the desired results – and I can get back to doing more of the stuff I enjoy.  Like swimming at the beach and going to gym, without having to worry about social condemnation due to poorly maintained body hair!


Step #1 of Project Reinvention completed.

Now, what the hell is Step #2?

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