Five to Nil

Even though I didn’t realise it, I’ve been holding my breath for the past week.

See, I’ve had 12 stitches in my back for the past 6 days while I waited to hear back from Pathology.  Normally, I’d be focusing on that, and treating myself a bit carefully – but lately, aint nobody got time fo’ that!  I’ve had that much other crap going on, between work, new bathrooms, new doors, painting, gym and getting my dog back, I didn’t realise I had been so worried about it.  It had been background noise to my usual frenetic ping-pong style life.

Until I got the news this morning.

Pathology have given me the all clear.

Jacqui 5:   Cancer 0

I’ve just had a weight lifted off my shoulders, and it feels fantastic.  Now I just need to work out how to get these stitches removed, while I am stuck in business meetings from now until late on Friday evening.

Anybody got a pair of scissors?

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