Curiouser and Curiouser

Further and further down the rabbit hole, Alice travels…

I’ve always considered myself an incredibly sociable person.  I’ve never been intimidated by crowds, relished the opportunity to speak in public, and had fun meeting new people.   I was always a bit of a social flutterby, full of nerdy enthusiasm and giggles – which often made me wonder if I was truely as vapid and airheaded as I often sounded.   To this day, I’m sure my Engineering lecturers thought I was bluffing the whole way through Uni…

These days, while I still get a buzz to be in a happy crowd, I find myself valuing and treasuring my solitude.  Crowds, especially in shopping centres, shit me to tears.   I honestly believe that humans are idiotic. I feel like I’m walking through a field of aimless cows, grazing at the grass and wandering around looking for a clue.  Traffic jams are no better, and despite often travelling alone, I always feel the need to pass commentary.

I think I’m becoming a crabby old grouch in my old age.

I was invited to go to a party tonight which, on paper at least, sounded fantastic.  Gormet meal, flowing wine, great company.  And you know what?  I actively sought out other opportunities.  Opportunities to stay in my room, order room service, listen to my little stereo and keep myself company.

So, here’s a toast:  To getting old and grumpy, while embrasing and relishing peace and solitude when you can get it.

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