Back into the swing of things?

Well, blogosphere, consider this my formal apology for abandoning you for the last six months. I’d like to say it wasn’t my fault and the dog ate my homework, but lets face the cold brutal truth: It’s my fault. I’ve been a slack, lazy little thing, neglecting to even post the 2012 Year in Review. Can you ever forgive me?

I hope so, because I have every intention of changing my ways and getting back into my groove.

Life has been, well, interesting lately. There’s been a few moves and changes in all aspects to my life – but with that said, I think that the fundamental shift in direction is positive. Of course, there’s always going to be tough times, so I’m just kinda thankful I have some pretty fierce supporters who will lend me a shoulder to cry on, kick my arse when I need it, and stop me from becoming my own worst enemy.

I’ve stepped up to the plate at work, and taken on a new challenging role. It really is the deep end, and I’ve really jumped in with both feet. While I’m struggling now, I’m enjoying the pain and pressure that comes with it. I’m also working with a great team in Brissy, who really have my back. The support makes such a huge difference, and without them my transition from my old to new roles would have been impossible. Still, I’d enjoy the role a shitload more if I didn’t spend half my life at airports, in-transit.  To date, I’ve left my Kindle in Mackay, on a Qantas flight, and in a taxi.  It has been a bit of a boomerang, so I’m hoping the trend continues, and my Lucky Kindle keeps finding its way to my side.

Recreational travel has been pretty limited lately, which is really starting to itch. I’ve seen some far flung places with work, but it’s really not the same. I’m currently drooling over all of the old travel/backpacking books on my bookshelf, daydreaming of one day seeing some of the sights I’ve read about for so long.  The daydream today is the USSR.  St Petersburg, Moscow, and I’d love to take a journey to Chernobyl – so many places and moments that have changed history.

While I wait until the day I take off, I may as well enjoy my days.  So, I’m trying new stuff.  I’ve joined a new gym, which is kicking my arse (and I’m loving it).  I’ve joined another indoor soccer team.  I still suck as much as I ever did, but I’ve found another team who will giggle with me when I fall on my backside or have a massive airswing and wind up pirouetting in the middle of the court.  What?  I totally meant to do that.  I was just putting that other chap off his game.

I’ll also be celebrating my fifth anniversary in the 501st Legion this coming December. Time has just flown. When I started with the group, there were around 18 active members in Queensland. Five years later, and we’ve surpassed 120 active members in Queensland – with a tonne of hyper-enthused rookies waiting to join. It’s been a wild ride, and I’m pretty thrilled to have been witness to the growth and tremendous impact that we’ve had. I’m going to have to work out how to celebrate it – but I’m thinking that a combined Birthday / Anniversary party might be on the cards. Moxxximatosis anybody?

The Tigers are currently in the Top 8, so I’m utterly thrilled for the lads. C’arn the mighty Tiges’!

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