Bletchley Park

If there was ever any doubt that I am a hardcore nerd…Today, I went to a place that I’ve often daydreamed about going to.
I’ve read so much about “ULTRA” and the Enigma Code-breakers, so going
to Bletchley Park – the origin of modern computing – was like a trip
to Geek Mecca.I got to see the cottage where the very first Enigma code was broken.

I got to see a working replica of a BOMBE code-breaking machine.

I got to see a working version of COLLOSUS.

I got to see both a 3-dial and a 4-dial Enigma machine.

Dude, I walked in the footsteps of giants. I got to spend time in the
gardens where Alan Turing first dreampt up modern computing. If not
for Mr Turing, geeks like me would be forced to spend time in the
sunshine actually speaking to people without the aid of a keyboard.

Today, I paid my dues to the thousands of people who worked at
Bletchley Park during the second world war – arguably, the best weapon
the allies ever had.

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