Troop Report – GAME ON

Date: Friday, 30th December 2009

Venue: ‘Game On!’ Video Game Exhibition at the QLD State Library.

Time: 1800 – 2130

Mission: Maintain Order, Seek Out Rebels and General Intimidation


Once again the Redback Squad was called into action to maintain order at the Queensland State Library Video Game Exhibition. From 6.30pm onwards our duty was to patrol the crowded gaming areas ensuring that any uprisings were quickly quashed. Once it became clear that the venue was firmly under the control of Vader’s Fist, the local population quickly accepted their fate and settled into a night of retro-gaming and photo-ops with the troopers.

TD-1535 also operated a collection tin for the Starlight Foundation and succeeded in securing $153.30 in donations – so a hearty WELL DONE For that effort!

At the end of the evening an urgent incoming transmission was received concerning a possible secret Rebel Base right here in Brisbane. A hazardous mission was planned, and any TK who undertook it would probably not survive. Nevertheless, this was a risk Lord Vader was willing to take. So it came to pass that TK Oz_Scout and I valiantly ventured to Kodak Beach at Southbank with an aim to entering the lake to search for a Gungan hidedout.

TK Oz_Scout and I ran reconnaissance along South Back as requested. We encountered quite a number of drunken revellers, although most turned out to be Empire Patriots. I didn’t have my customary pink pauldron on, so there were a few girls who gave me big cuddles thinking I was their Knight in Shining (white) Armour.

Upon finding the Rebel base at Kodak Beach, we recruited some locals to clear the path for our kamakaze style ambush. They cleared the way, and we took it upon ourselves to dive in – quite literally. I detonated on impact, and have sustained a rather large egg shaped bruise on my ol’ noggin. Oz_scout fared slightly better, although we both lost various pieces from our uniform. Those pieces were recovered after some graceless ‘duck diving’.

We then had the long hike back to base wearing wet boots and soaking undergarments. At this stage, I took my boots off and hiked home in socks.

Sadly, we have very limited intelligence (hmmmmm…..!?) as the camera had some slight technical difficulties during the ambush. We do, however, have some rather cool footage of two troopers emerging from Kodak Beach looking like the worlds scariest Lifeguards.

It is my recommendation that another attempt on the rebel base is made – this time with more wranglers and better technological support.

Trooper Attendance: SL Kev Vader, TD TD-1535, TS Sandman, DZ Ms_Kuki + KT Mitchell (Kid Trooper), TK Moxxxie, TI/IG -RENTS-, TK bigmac, TK Reaper, TK Scorp, TK Oz_Scout

Novus Ordo Attendance: TB Zerebin, Sheralyn

Wranglers: Adam L, Ricard C, Lachlan H, Joseph W.

Injuries:Many and varied. Egg shaped bruise on my head. Scratch on my left shoulder. Armour bites on my left knee. Blisters from waterlogged boots.

Malfunctions: Exploded on impact. Hand pieces fell off… forearm pieces fell off… Ammo clips fell off…

Public Incidents: It’s not every day that two idiot stormtroopers jump into Southbank Beach.

Mission Status:
A Successful Mission, with great fundraising for Starlight!

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