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A little while ago, I noticed a bit of a scaley piece of skin on my face. No amount of dermalogica exfoliant was going to clear it up. It showed up one night, and decided to stick around. Then, it started to become a bit of a scabby looking sore. Urgh.

Because I’m ultra paranoid about skin type things, I went to see my Doc. He’s the sensible type, but as soon as he spotted the little spot he whipped out the dry ice. Psssshhhhrrrtttt. Cop that.

A few months later, the little spot was back! Persistant little fucker. Back to the Doc I went, and out came the dry ice once more. This time, he decided that it was better to be safe than sorry. He spent about 45 minutes burning things out of my forehead, including the little scaley sore. I thought he got a bit trigger happy, and when he made advances towards my nose I actually whimpered. This time around, the blister was substantial and it was a little difficult to hide. Comments were made, and I found myself constantly reassuring people – No, I dont have a rare and disfiguring tropical disease. I dont have leprosy. I’m not from Ipswich.

When the little thug decided to grow back yet again, the doc threw up his hands and suggested I see somebody with a better weapons. He sent me to a surgeon. Surgeon took one look at it and decided that the little scabby thing needed to go.

When any doctor says to you “this may sting a little” you know that you’re going to have to contort your face and hiss when anything so much as touches you. It did sting, but on the grand scale of stinging things it was pretty mild. It was only after the pain killers started to wear off that the pain really kicked in.

I’ve never had a migrane, but the after affects of my little brow-lift were damn close. I had the sensitivity to light, the pounding headache, the nausia – horrible. Next time, I’m going to demand morphine. Sadly, the doc tells me to expect a ‘next time’. I’m almost 30, and constantly cutting out pieces of my flesh wasn’t the weight loss campaign I had in mind.

In any case – here’s the pic of the damage.
Sun Spot both

11 stitches!!!

I’m going to chance my screen name to “FRANKENSTEIN”!!


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  1. Rick Oliver says:

    Meh, you can hardly notice it hun.
    The cut is nice and clean and well stitched,(it seems the Doc may have a passion for quiltmaking or some other type of needle skill) It’ll heal nicely and you’ll barely notice the scar.

    Great photography!! ha ha
    Great needle work!! (on ya doc)
    Cute girl…(even WITH stitches – I told ya it adds character)

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