I survived Pronto ’09

Yesterday, I launched the biggest project of my career to date.

I launched a new ERP for 9 unique companies on Pronto Xi ERP.  When I first started here, almost 3 years ago, I understood that the old ERP was clunky and extracting data from it was damn near impossible.  I spent a lot of time hacking on it – writing SQL reports, writing Crystal reports, and trying to drag the dinosaur into the digital age.  In reality, you cant polish a turd.  The system needed an overhaul.

About 2 years ago, I started getting serious on developing a road-map for replacing the existing ERP.  It was all 'pie in the sky' ideals, and strategies. I knew I had to get everybody to understand how much impact a new system could have on the way that we do business.  I've spent the last 18 months toiling away at getting this software up to scratch and yesterday we pressed the big red button and pushed everything from Beta to Live.  

Everything has just got serious.

Naturally, we had a few teething problems.  Printing was a dog, and our wireless handheld scanners decided that they were going to throw a wobbly – but other than that, it was smooth and flawless.  It's a credit to how well this company works together – and a testament to how much we all hated the old system.

We're now free.  Free to improve our workflows, free to report on whatever we like.  Free.

Last night I slept for 10 hours, and woke up feeling almost invincible.  
I'm incredibly lucky to have such a strong team around me.  They've risen to the challenge – stood on the brink of mental and physical exhaustion with me.  Without them, this project would have gone nowhere fast.

Congratulations, guys.

Pronto is alive.

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