I’ve just posted a challenge to my work colleagues.

From: Jacqui
Sent: Wednesday, 11 February 2009 12:06 PM
To: Head Office – All Staff
Subject: Stormtrooper?

Hi there guys,

Some of you may know of my terribly geeky passtime – I am a member of an international costuming group, called the “501st Legion”, and I willingly dress up as a Storm-trooper in order to raise money for charities. The Brisbane squad, the Redbacks, have been involved with several charities including the Variety Club, Starlight Foundation, Red Cross, Breast Cancer Foundation, MS Foundation, Ronald McDonald House. There are 29 of us here in Brisbane, and we’re all willing to sacrifice our weekends (and sometimes our dignity) for a good cause.

In addition to raising money for charities, we also visit our local hospitals – handing out gifts and smiles to sick kids. It’s rewarding, but often heartbreaking.

In any case, over the next few weeks, the 501st Legion in Australia will be doing a lot of work with the Red Cross, in order to raise money for the Victorian Bushfires.

I’m putting a challenge to all of you at Head Office.

If you can raise “AMOUNT” , then I’ll come to work on Friday dressed as a Stormtrooper.


The generosity of my friends astounds me, and at moments like this I’m proud to be an Australian. Despite the hardships, the core of our society is mateship and to help somebody in need. The outpouring of generosity and support for the victims of the Victorian Bushfire is unprecedented – but for me, not entirely surprising. We’re Australian. This is who we are.

It’s now 1.06pm, merely an hour after posting that, and I’ve doubled my challenge amount. I’m going to work on Friday dressed as a stormtrooper.

I’ll post photos, and the final amount raised after the dust settles on Friday.

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  1. Ben says:

    That’s a serious amount of dosh, brilliant work!

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