Yay for spontaneity

I’m at a brilliant point in my life, where I’m open to new opportunities. To make things even better, I’m snapping up these opportunities as fast as I possibly can.

Today – Tiger Airways had a sale on airfares. They were free.

So, I booked some. As I was going through the checkout, I decided that JK was going to join me. So, the two of us are Melbourne bound, and Papa Bear has decided that there is a “debt to settle”. I need to prepare JK’s liver for what could be a very, very large weekend. I’ll grant you, it is a little unfair that JK will have to suffer this debt that was earned by Heidi and myself for the series of unfortunate events involving a lethal cocktail named the HiJack.

HiJack (created by Heidi and Jacqui)
Gin, Vermouth, and a splash of Cointreu. Shaken, but not stirred.

Additionally, I’m going to have to forewarn JK about the other side of my family that she hasn’t met yet. Sure, she’s met Cyclone Joan and survived to tell the tale. However, Cyclone is just one woman (One HELL of a woman) and the numbers of family members single-handedly capable of natural disasters in Melbourne have to be counted on two hands. Put all of those people in the one room, then add HiJack’s and you have the potential for an almighty apocalypse.

So… I took advantage of Tigers lovely offer, and will now have to spend the next few months coaching JK’s liver so that she has a fighting chance of surviving the ordeal.

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