The Girls

Last week I got a phone call – it was short, sharp and direct.

“Spack, you got dinner plans?”
“Do now. Mine at 6.30 k?”

And that was that.
That started the night, and it could have been the start of something HUGE. Such a pity that it was a school night! I’d almost forgotten how much the three of us can talk. And by talk, I mean really Talk.

I’m not sure if we managed to compress 2 years worth of gossip into 4 hours, but we gave it a red hot go. It’s also reassuring to note that no matter how much the world changes, some things still remain the same.

Rach is still ‘crunchy as’, despite living on the GC
I will never be a morning person
Bear still gets giddy over her furry babies, and shoes
I’m still the tallest.

Randoms 001

Friends are like the stars – even when you cant see them, you know they’ll always be there.

I’ve now decided that come hell or high water, we’re not going to leave it SO DAMN LONG before we do dinner again. I’m going to plan another shindig at Casa Del Froggy, and I expect you both to be there and talking up a storm. Then we’ll go to the gay bar and dance all night.

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