The last few days have been pretty topsy-turvey.

I’m not really one for a set routine, or living my life to a rigid agenda – but things are getting a little out of control!

The weekend was pretty awesome – I managed to catch up with my two younger cousins, and drag them along to Whitewater World. Ok, so there was very little dragging as it was more a case of “Keep up, Jac!” Waterslides and me have been friends for quite some time, so when the Crash asked me: “Hey Jac, wanna go on the Ultra-mega-scary waterslide of DOOM?”
My response was rather casual.
“Race ya there!”

After a day filled with energy and adrenalin, the only way I could top it was to pierce my bellybutton. So I did. Surprisingly, it didn’t hurt. Prior to actually having it done, I didn’t believe anybody who told me that it didn’t hurt. STICKING STEEL NEEDLES IN YOUR ARM HURTS!! I didn’t quite understand why sticking a steel needle THROUGH your bellybutton would suddenly not hurt at all.

But, y’know, it didn’t actually hurt all that much.
I’ve had more painful experiences with bikini waxing.

So, I’m now entirely focused on keeping my belly button squeaky clean to stop any goobers from infecting my new little piece of body art. I’ll have to find somewhere else to store my goobers. Advice?

Then, yesterday, after a bit of a torrid day at work I ventured forth to see Wall E. Was a bit of “sweet overload” but quite entertaining. I think I ‘awwwed’ and ‘ooooohed’ a few dozen times – but I think I may have strained my cuteness muscle.

And it totally managed to take my mind off the fact that I had just put a very ugly scratch down the side of my fucking car.


$500 later, AAMI will be making poor Girty feel like her pretty self once again.
Fuck it. I know I wasn’t having a brilliant day, but jeeze.

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