Actually feeling alive for a change.

Y’know the best cure for insomnia?


Last night, I slept. I actually went to bed, closed my eyes, and drifted off to sleep. I woke up this morning and threw myself a high-five. I have my sleep-mojo back, and I feel amazing.

I think, perhaps, the whole scenario was caused by my spidey senses picking up on something that my conscious brain had yet to cotton on to. So, when the “interesting news” came through yesterday, I wasn’t surprised in the least – in fact, a little relieved.

I then blew off all plans for the rest of the day, bought as much KFC as I could carry and totally pigged out in front of new episodes of Dexter. Cyclone Joan suggested getting cutlery and dinnerware – which was totally out of the question. Fingers and cardboard boxes were invented for a reason, and that reason was to cut out any need to do the washing up. At that point, my life could not possibly have been any better. Thank you Juliegirl, for being a willing accomplice. Our mission totally successful.

I fell sleep listening to the sound of rain. I seriously feel like my head is back to good. Now, if only my 501st authorisation thingy would come through, then I can stop checking my emails like I have ADD and OCD.

In other news: I don’t need a subscription to RSVP – I already have a dog who cuddles, farts, and snores in bed. Who needs a man?

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  1. finder451 says:

    Hey please dont tell my wife the last part about dogs …… I could be replaced 🙂

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