Frog Dog


I am fortunate enough to live with a dog. Frog Dog is a “Blue Roan” Cocker Spaniel – complete with excess slobber, dopey ears and tail. I think a dog isn’t actually a dog unless they’ve got a tail to wag. A wagging stump looks a little odd. Kind of like a prosthetic nipple that points at people as they walk past – alarming and not quite right.

In any case, Frog Dog is a bit of a chicken – a ‘fraidy cat. In fact, if anything should happen to go bang, or crash, or even a mild rustle, Frog Dog will run as if the Devil himself has appeared before him. In fact, it’s quite fun to drop a shoe when Frog Dog enters the room. The clatter will cause Frog Dog to invert himself and try and run through a plaster wall.

One day, he’ll actually go through the wall and I’ll actually stop laughing at him.

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