Life is Good

Some days, I wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Usually, these days are longer than usual and feature a thick mix of retards, arseholes and wankers.

However, on the odd occasion, I wake up on the right side of the bed and bound down the stairs like Bambi on kangaroo juice. The sun, bursts through its semi-permanent shroud of gloom and shines down on me. Small furry animals gather at my feet when I sing, and Julie Andrews is a pale comparison when it comes to dancing around hilltops.

This morning, was one of the later.

I woke up. I had a shower. I got dressed. All very non-special, and very much the same as it was the day before. And the day before that, too.

But then I had to make lunch. (I take a lunchbox to work.)

Out of milk.

Oh dear.

Out of bread.

Oh dear.

Time to go over the road to Jims’ local convenience store. I skipped across the road to the local bakery, and bought myself a fresh baguette.

0.47p worth of warm, freshly baked, crusty baguette. It was so fresh, it was still hot. So hot, that I had to put it down before I burnt my greedy fingers.

At that point, I could have died happy. I probably should have stopped then – gone back to bed so that nothing could ruin my perfect day.

It’s amazing how the little things can make your day. It’s now lunchtime and I’m about to go eat my reason for living.

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