Les Ballets Trockadero De Monte Carlo

When I spied the newspaper ad that claimed that The Trocks were coming to Brisbane, I fired off an email to Cyclone Joan. You see, she’s got a fond spot for these lads since she saw a TV documentary on them back in 1996.

So, when I spied that they were going to be in town, I fired off the email, then I leaped on the website and booked three tickets.

Smack, Boom, Bang – Job’s a good’un.

One for Cyclone Joan, one for me, and one for Mr Frog. I did this without thinking things through. Mr Frog and I have been attached at the hip for so long that I didn’t hesitate to book him a ticket.
The Trocks
In hindsight, perhaps I should have taken more time to think about the situation. The Trocks are an all male dance company that perform classical ballet – in drag. Something that I find highly entertaining. Not so Mr Frog. However, the fact that Mr Frog is going to see The Trocks is highly entertaining for our friend DJ Carey.

His wounded macho pride asside, Mr Frog is coming with us, and he will enjoy it. Even if I have to bribe him with whiskey.

Will one bottle of JD do it, sweetie???

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