I know my mum would be horrified if she knew what was swirling in the mirky depths of my head.

I’m overwhelmed by the cuteness of pet rats! Ratties, with their tiny little paws and their expressive little faces! I just want to pick them up and snuggle them all over!

What got me started was the fact that I’m part of the Nintendo Generation, and thus, am totally locked out of the property ladder by virtue of the current state of the global economy. I’m patiently waiting the next big depression, so that I can actually afford to buy a place of my own (despite the insane interest I’m going to be paying!). Until that time, I’m going to be renting small apartments and trying to save as much as is humanly possible.

Small apartments = very little space.
Very little space = no room for cat/dog.
No room for cat/dog = Looking at alternative pets.

So, I dont like snakes, and you cant very well cuddle a lizard, so I hopped online and did some surfing. The site I came accross had an article about ‘Pocket Pets’, which sounded alarmingly like that shite device; The Tamagotchi. But no. I was relieved to see photos of a living breathing creature, with tiny little noses and twitchy little ears.

I’m totally sold! I dont know if Beloved is quite as sold as I am, as he’s very much a ‘dog’ man (and I can see how being a ‘rat’ man would be an insult!) So now I just have to try and work out the how’s and the where’s so that I can convince everybody else of the why’s.

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