I know I’ve been a shite blogger for a while now. In fact, the date on the last post has cobwebs all over it. I’m just a slacker, really. There is no excuse that can get me out of the hole I’ve dug for myself.

But, I’m slowly going to start reblogging – to go through the history that you’ve missed out on.

I know I haven’t even touched on Europe. Oy!

I’ll slowly go through all the pics from my holiday and give you a quick rundown of what we actually got up to!


This was Munich. The Munich beer halls, in fact. I’m sure there’s much more to Munich than beer, but beer was what we were interested in. Lots of beer. In glasses bigger than our heads. Beer.

So, this is us: The worlds happiest beer drinkers, drinking lots of beer with other happy beer drinkers. With all the beer. In the big beer steins. With the Oom-pah-pah band, who were drinking beer, and the beer servers who were serving the beer and the amazing, cold, fresh, preservative-free beer.

Healthy beer.

It was healthy right up until we decided to drink about 6 litres of beer. The amazing cold, tasty beer.

Frequent trips to the toilet were made in between hearty attempts at German beer songs, and drinking games and pretzels and even more beer. Oh, the beer halls of Munich were a sight to see! A whole hoard of Contiki beer lovers in full flight!

It’s quite difficult for a human body to expand enough to be able to accommodate 6 litres of anything – let alone beer. But expand we did.

Beer! Beer! Glorious Beer!
We were all having such a wonderful time with the Beer!

Until the next morning, when healthy beer was hangover beer and the world was not a pretty place. I’ll not delve into the painful details, as it was hard enough surviving it the first time without reliving it for your enjoyment.

No incriminating photos will be posted on the internet, and there’s no way in hell you’ll get me to describe the agnoy of driving through the Austrian Alps, on a buss full of 48 other hungover tourists, with only one broken toilet to share between the lot of us.

So that was Munich. With all the Munich Beer.

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  1. Rich says:

    I remember the beer… Nice cold frothy beer. Yep, that was good beer alright. (hi!)

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