What is music and why do we like listening to it so damn much?

Music is just a whole heap of random notes and chords played together in some form of rhythm. This mixture of frequency, pitch and harmony is then somehow interpreted by the human brain to form recognisable beats and riffs. Of course, the lyrics always help too.

So… do animals hear music the same way that humans do? Or do they just hear a random mixture of beats?

I find it staggering that my feelings and opinions can be summerised by lyrics written by another person in another place, played at EXACTLY the right moment. Its uncanny. At the moment, I’m finding INXS and Crowded House are perfectly suited to where I’m at. Thanks to Rachy for the totally illegal version of INXS that I’m listening too. Yay for creative freedoms.

So… while I’m on this musical bent…. what do you listen to, and what are your latest greatest recomendations???

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