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How good is your penmanship?

Short answer: piss weak.

Long answer:
Having been lodged in front of a terminal for the past 7 years, my handwriting could be classified as “I’m a fantastic typist”. You’d never guess by the way I abuse the delete button, but on a good day I can type faster than I can think. Of course, I know what that says very little about my typing and more about the speed of my thought processes… but… moving right along.

As a result of my semi-permanent attachment to a keyboard, my handwriting has developed a duality. I print with rounded letters, as shown in the thumbnail (“Hello World” test image, through my digital camera – yes, I am a true geek!). This ‘mode’ of writing is fairly slow, but it’s readable and average. I’ve also go the quick scrawl that is the newest development in uncrackable cyphers.

It’s the handwriting used when I’m in a hurry, or on the phone. Nobody else can even attempt to decrypt it. Often I have trouble, which is a real pain when I write something down that’s really important.

Like phone numbers, addresses or assignment details.

Even since I was a kid, I’ve longed to have really funky neat good looking handwriting. It’s difficult to have good looking typing skills, as the wonders of modern technology mean that a typeface can be changed in a matter of moments. Unlike penmanship.

I’ll probably remain envious of neat handwriting for a while yet, but despite this, I can still communicate with my handwriting with marginally more skill than smoke rings or rock paintings.

I guess my fingers are just more suited to tapping away at a qwerty.

Is anybody really surprised?

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