All you need is love….

Today is a good day.

The last decent weather has finally disapeared leaving us with miserable soaking rain. The cars make a soft swishing sound as they drive past on the wet roads. The skies are grey, and the businessmen all carry black umbrellas. Despite this, there’s a greeness about everything. The rain has washed away all the city dust and dirt. Everything is alive. Today is a really good day.

I had homemade cabonara last night for dinner. Beloved and I made it together from scratch. Frank Sinatra sang while we learnt how to cook and how to ignore recipes and follow our own tastes. There’s a bowl of it left in my fridge that has my name written all over it. It’s the type of food that is so good that it makes “diet” a four letter word. Today is a brilliant day.

I woke up beside Beloved this morning. Before I’d even opened my eyes, I got to roll over and cuddle another person, snuggling into the added warmth that’s only associated with puppy dogs, kittens and sleeping boyfriends. The weather has turned cold, everybody is wearing long sleeves and jumpers in the office. I got to wake up with a warm hug. That thought alone keeps me toasty warm.

I have 12 in my bank acount, but I have Beloved to go home to. Today is a brilliant day.

The Beatles had it right, after all.
All ya need is love.. da dada dada….

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3 Responses

  1. Grant says:

    …It’s miserable outside, but so warm in this bed! ….*thinks*….I might stay here all day!! *grin*

  2. Jacqui says:

    Cheeky git.

  3. steve says:

    and here I was thinking that it was Ewen MacGregor and Nicole Kidman’s song… well I guess I am a cultural cretin.

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