yap yap yap yap yap…..

yap yap yap yap yap….. SHUTUP
Well… seems like Telstra took the easy option with the modem issues. Instead of speeding up the phone line like they should have… they slowed down my modem to 28.8k. not all that bad… and a shitload better than it was… still… from 56k to 28k.. is a big jump.

I have the biggest headache.. Could be from mum trying to talk my ears off, or could be because its so stuffy in this room… or it could have something to do with my sinus infections/mysterious headaches from last week…. in any case… I’m not particularly fond of the stabbing pains through my jaw, nor the throbbing at the base of my scull…

Headaches should be made illegal, and forbidden.

*UGH* just took an aspalgin thats supposed to help the head. PAH… I hate disolvable tablets… they taste like ~ugh~ I dont know what they taste like… but its gross..

Anyhow… I’m off to go and see if I can find some more icons for CO.

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