Woo. Currently sitting back after

Currently sitting back after eating dinner…
Chatting in cheese chat with a bunch of other Billyboyd.net fans.
Apparently, they’re cancelling the “other room” forum, as its too off topic. Thats a bit sad, and its really going to affect the community thats been built around it.
I, personally, never really posted in there… used to stay mainly in the LOTR forum… still.. I think if the admin’s arnt careful they’ll lose lots of visitors.
I’ve seen it happen to other online communities… and would hate to see it on such a lovely site.
_ugh_ dinner was great tonight.

Bluey came around tonight… had a chit chat… glad to know everything is still the same with him… he borrowed my Buffy tape, so dont let me forget about it.

First day back at uni was uneventfull… i missed my first class, (already) cuz my timetable is fucked. THANKS TO THE UNI. oh well… life goes on.

Anyhow…I’m going to go and try and attempt to extricate myself from the chatroom, and do some study. (not likely, but a girl has to have dreams)

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