Where the hell am I?

Went on the HukaJet this morning, dragged poor old mum along with me. This F1 speed jet boat spins about, and skims across the water like nothing on earth!

The driver was a mad bastard, and kept doing 360 and 720 spins, drenching us with spray. My sunnies were sacrificed to the Waikato river during one of our many manic displays of raw horsepower. Oh well.

Spent a few hours wandering around a “highly unstable” geothermal park this morning and I now understand what they mean when they say that it has a distinctive aroma. Phwoar. We also stopped by the “Hidden Valley” thats chock full of geysers, mudpools and calcium structures that have been formed over the millions of years. It was really quite astounding just how many colours and minerals were there. Reds, Blues, greens oranges pinks purples and a whole range of yellows and browns.

I’m sure I’ve seen enough geysers, mudpools and exploding holes to last me a life time!

I bought some MudPool Facial Mud at their rather small gift shop, too. There seems to be a vast quantity of really nice stuff in the NZ gift shops unlike the vast quantity of crap in the aussie versions. Got some warm socks as well, as I have a feeling Canada might be a little cooler than I’m used to….

Also met the worlds cheekiest sparrow. Wouldn’t even wait for the crumbs to get out of my hand before making off with them. He quite happily sat on my thumb, and ate crumbs out of my hand. Cheeky little bugger.

Since then, its been a slow drive back up the country in order to catch the flight out of Auckland in a few days. I really dont know when I’m flying out, just that I am at some stage. Didn’t know it was friday til some silly bint on the radio informed us that it was a Black Friday.

Huh. There ya go. Perhaps thats why I lost my sunglasses.

Still no information about Matamata and the Hobbiton visit. I think its all shut until after the Two Towers premier. *glum* Oh well. I’m not sure there’d be all that much to see. Still… woulda been good. The hills and pastures around Hamilton are “as hobbiton as.” anyway. If it wern’t for the 50y/o sensible person sitting in the passenger seat, I would have veered off the highway and sat in a tree ala: Frodo Baggins a long long time ago.

There’s some architect/designer here who’s offering to design and build real life Hobbit Holes (scaled up, somewhat) for residential use.


Anyhow, better dash.. dont really understand the price of this cafe. Its all in Korean. What a way to make microsoft even more user-unfriendly. I haven’t even pushed what should be the ‘start’ button, and already I’m bamboozled.


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