Well… what to write. Firstly,

Well… what to write.
Firstly, on a geeky note… Nat got a brand new toy, and its really cool, and now I want to go out and blow my book-fund in order to get one too… they’re just so cool…. (I’m talking about the flash-as new digital camera he bought today) I’ve been looking at them for a while, thinking “one day” …. and then this… just unfair…. did I mention that they’re really cool??
*sighs deeply*
Its like watching somebody eat a double chock-fudge sundae, with sprinkles, caramel and a god damn wafer, when you’re stuck eating dry cracker bread with limp lettuce, and soggy tomato….

Oh well… “one day”….

Had a great time tonight, over at College. Baby-Besty has now labled me as “another Cody”… which means that I’m over there more often than not. Cool.
It all started by initiating some of D-Block into the “ahh fuck ya” drinking games of old. Once it had been established, and people were starting to say ‘fuck’ a lot more than usual, my work had been done, and I relocated to the Cinema’s.

It takes a fair amount to confuse me, however, I think I was in a permanent state of bewilderment the whole way there and the whole way back. I’m not quite sure what we said that was so funny, I just remember laughing a lot, and being mildly concerned about strangely coloured street lamps.
The token male, Mullo, was more than a little amused at the way that girls behave in their natural environments.

The Movie: well… I guess it was ok. We went to see “Kate and Leopold” starring Meg “chickflick” Ryan, and Hugh “ohbaby” Jackman. It’s well worth it, just to see Jackman parading around in tight white pants and speaking with an ultra sexy English Accent. The story line was pretty good, a little predictable, but still… pretty good.

However, I’m positive that I have some brain malfunction when it comes to guys, as I always adore the really oddball ones. In this case it was Charlie, or was it George? I think the dog was called George… or was it something else?? I don’t know… but Charlie is the man for me. While Leopold was good… Charlie had my eye.
How anybody can look that cute, while imitating a psycho fit is truly beyond me. Strange comments, and really wacky expressions have me smiling like a shy little princess, and fluttering the baby blues. Hell… it even extends to Hobbits being hit in the head. How can anybody look adorable while being beaten in the melon with an apple?
Its just not right. There must be something fundamentally wrong with my perception.
I’m supposed to be an engineer. I’m supposed to be a geek…
Whatever happened to LOGICAL ANALYSIS…

*flutter* *flutter* *flutter* Logical just flew out the window.

Am I subconsciously looking for Binky the Clown to brighten my days? Am I swimming in the sea of insanity?? Perhaps its just me, being swept away by the magic of Hollywood… I truly hope there’s some scientific reasoning behind this… and I truly hope there’s a cure.

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